Citizen Scientists add to Our Understanding of Bird Populations and Status Across Montana

Volume 18, No. 1-4, Montana Chapter of the Wildlife Society (TWS) - Poster Abstract

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Montana, sage grouse, Birdwatching, Montana audubon, lek, bird populations, citizen scientists

Scientific Disciplines

Biological Sciences - Terrestrial

Abstract Text

Montana Audubon, our partners, Audubon Chapter members, and bird enthusiasts across the state are increasingly involved in contributing time and talents to understanding bird populations, habitat associations, and trends. Birders contribute sightings to eBird or Tracker, reporting their observations from field excursions and their backyards. This information helps inform Montana Species of Concern listings and influences bird conservation and science priorities in the state and beyond. Montana Audubon also encourages citizen monitoring projects for single species and guilds, from Black Swifts to nightjars. We are now home to the Greater Sage-grouse Adopt-a-Lek program which coordinates citizen scientists to monitor sage-grouse on over 50 breeding leks across Montana every spring. Finally, our Audubon chapters adopt and monitor Important Bird Areas across the state in order to conserve species of conservation concern and their habitats. Find out more about all these volunteer efforts.