Conserving Montana’s Birds And Their Habitats Through Partnerships

Volume 17, No. 1-4, Montana Chapter of the Wildlife Society (TWS) - Presentation Abstract

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Scientific Disciplines

Biological Sciences - Terrestrial

Abstract Text

The Montana Bird Conservation Partnership is a consortium of representatives from state, tribal, and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and individuals who are dedicated to conserving birds and their habitats in Montana. Our goals are to work collaboratively to keep common birds common and to conserve, protect and restore sensitive species and habitats. We work to recognize the social and economic value of birds to the people of Montana. We also use the best available science to identify conservation opportunities. Over 300 species of birds regularly breed, winter, or migrate through Montana. Of these, 82 are considered to have sensitive or at-risk populations. Montana’s birds are threatened by habitat loss stemming from changing land use practices and energy and subdivision development. Global climate change may exacerbate these threats. We will present current Montana Bird Conservation Partnership projects, our action plan, focal species initiatives, and examples of successful conservation-in-action projects. Find out how you and/ or your organization can get involved at the local or state level. Learn more about the most exciting and forward-thinking bird partnership in the region!