Navicula whitefishensis, a New Diatom (Bacillariophyta) from the Northern Rockies

Volume 18, No. 1-4, Manuscript

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Biology, Environmental science, biodiversity, Montana, Missoula, glacier national park, Helena, Botany, biological oceanography, planktology, navicula, water, paratype, academy of natural sciences of drexel university, diatoms, raphe, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, American Public Health Association, US Federal Reserve, Water Environment Federation, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Cambridge University, Northern Rocky Mountains, Washington, D.C., Stuttgart, Berlin, Ruggell, Springer, Corvallis, University of Montana Herbarium, Diatoms of Europe, Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, National Health, digital camera, http, navicula whitefishensis, navicula trivialis, navicula oligotraphenta, central area, united states, northern rockies, proximal raphe ends, upper whitefish lake, Northwest United States, endemic species, lake sediment, fossil, Canadian Rockies Ecoregion, lugols, Montana Diatom Collection, lanceolate, striae, lineolate, bacillariophyceae, Redrock Lake, Glacier Park, Whitefish Lake, Whitefish, Montana, Swiftcurrent Ridge Lake, Mission Creek, Idaho, Flathead County, Areolae

Scientific Disciplines

Biological Sciences - Aquatic

Abstract Text

Navicula whitefishensis is described from two headwater lakes in the Northern Rocky Mountains of Montana. The new species is compared to two morphologically similar species that are common in the region: Navicula trivialis Lange-Bertalot and Navicula oligotraphenta Lange-Bertalot & Hofmann. Navicula whitefishensis is the eleventh new species in the genus Navicula to be described from the Northwest United States within the last year. All of these new species are local or regional endemics.


Bahls, L. L. 2012. Navicula whitefishensis, a New Diatom (Bacillariophyta) from the Northern Rockies. Intermountain Journal of Sciences 18(1-4): 1-5.